“How much Lime/Fertilizer should I put per acre?”
–The most accurate way to determined how much lime or fertilizer should be put down per acre would be to bring in a sample of your soil (about a quart) to be analyzed.

“Do you sell chickens or other poultry?”
–Yes, we offer a variety of chicks, turkeys, ducks, pheasants, guinea, and hatching eggs from Townline Poultry Farms, they are located in Zeeland, Michigan and were established in 1913. They are: “The Personal Service Hatchery.”

“Can I have a custom feed made up for my animals?”
–Yes, we can make any type of custom feed with the grain, concentrates, and ingredients we have available. We also can recommend a custom feed depending on what certain protein and ingredients you want in the feed.

“Do you carry feed for llamas and alpacas?”
–Yes we carry both alpaca and llama feed.

“Do you have fish food?”
–Yes, we carry a regular fish food, sized in a 600 grain, but can order many types of different size pellets and fish specific food.

“Do you carry deer pellets?”
–Yes we carry a product called AntlerMax.

“How long do I feed starter to my chicks?”
–8-10 weeks.

“How long until my chickens start laying eggs?”
–Usually around 24 weeks they will start laying.

“What is the protein percent of the Big Rapids Pig Grower?”
–16% protein.

“Do you carry any turkey feed?”
–We have both a turkey Starter and Grower in stock.

“How much fertilizer should I put on my lawn?”
–200 lbs per acre of fertilizer.

“What kind of fertilizer would be good for starting new seed on?”
–You would want to use a fertilizer that is low in Nitrogen. 6-24-24 would be a great fertilizer for starting new seeds on.

“How much lawn seed do I need for 1000 square feet?”
— 3lbs of seed per 1000 square feet.

“How much seed would I put per acre for farm seed?”
–Here are some charts that list many different seeds and show the appropriate pounds per acre:
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